About us

Committed to people's 
health and wellness

Peroxfarma has been innovating within the pharmaceutical sector for four decades 
with a clear goal: to contribute to improving people's health and quality of life. 
Over the years, the group has driven and established the growth of the brands it markets, 
some of which are undisputed leaders in their sectors.
The high-quality brands represent Peroxfarma's values and commitment 
to people's healthcare and wellness.


What inspires us and helps us grow

The values that define Peroxfarma are found in every area of its corporate life, small gestures, and major achievements. Peroxfarma strong commitment to values such as excellence, innovation, or social responsibility translates into increasingly more people trusting the group, its brands, and its projects.


Closeness can get you far

Closeness is one of the values that best defines Peroxfarma, and its most distinctive differential, setting it apart among other companies in the sector. This closeness is the result of our constant collaboration with clients whom we provide with innovation, flexibility, and agility. By means of multidisciplinary teams made up of people from different backgrounds and who are open to creativity, Peroxfarma goes beyond. Teamwork helps the company develop its potential to the fullest.


Pioneers in building a healthier society

Peroxfarma has been committed to health since the very beginning of the group's history. Peroxfarma has revolutionised the health sector with the launch of the first digital electronic blood pressure monitor, which is vital in preventing and monitoring cardiovascular diseases. Today, the group is more committed than ever to innovation and to improving people's quality of life across all its business areas.
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