The legacy of a brand with a long-standing tradition.

Peroxfarma is born in 1977 with the goal of producing and selling the publicity pharmaceutical specialty, Foret Hydrogen Peroxide, Foret Perborate and 110V Hydrogen Peroxide, for use in hair salons. Foret was a brand with a long tradition, renowned and fully established in the Spanish market.

Pioneers in improving the quality of life for hypertensive patients

In 1985, Peroxfarma obtains the distribution for Spain of the "Healthcare" division of the Japanese company, Omron Tateisi Electronics, Co. and launches the first digital electronic clinical thermometer in the Spanish market. Five years later, it launches the first digital electronic blood pressure monitor, a new system for monitoring such an important health parameter as blood pressure.
The excellent quality of the Omron brand, along with the intense educational work aimed at health professionals - doctors and pharmacists - have contributed to revolutionizing the way in which blood pressure is measured. A dream come true.
Peroxfarma incorporates innovative Omron products and optimizes accuracy and reliability in blood pressure reading. Omron becomes the leading brand in Spain for blood pressure control.
* Source: IMS July 2016

Mussvital Dermactive: innovation in active skin care

At the end of the 80s, Peroxfarma develops Mussvital Dermatological Gel, sold exclusively in pharmacies. Mussvital becomes a leader in pharmaceutical quality, hygiene, and skin care, and becomes the brand with the greatest number of gels sold through the pharmacy channel.
In 2015, Peroxfarma presents Mussvital Dermactive, active skin care for delicate skin of the whole family. Mussvital Dermactive are specific formulas with biologically active ingredients for caring for sensitive, dry, and atopic skin. Mussvital Dermactive is Dermo-protection. Skin in balance.

Epaplus: nutritional supplements to gain more quality of life.

Epaplus is born with the mission of bringing "an extra dose of health to people." It is a range of food supplements that covers possible dietary deficiencies that have negative impacts on people's quality of life. Epaplus offers specific formulas for each person's different needs:
  • Epaplus Arthicare: for maintaining bones and muscles. 
  • Epaplus Sleepcare: facilitates settling into sleep. 
  • Epaplus Vitalcare: for maintaining vitality. 
  • Epaplus Cardiocare: for maintaining good cardiovascular health. 
  • Epaplus Vigorcare: for enhancing libido. 
  • Epaplus Skincare: for keeping skin healthy.
Day by day, Peroxfarma works in the pursuit of new formulas and combinations of active ingredients to enable people to live their lives to their fullest potential.

Omron and Epaplus Arthicare: market leaders

Omron's portfolio of blood pressure monitors has kept growing since 1990. Today, Omron is the leader in blood pressure monitors with over 4 million devices sold since the brand was launched in Spain.
As for Epaplus Arthicare, it is number 1 in Collagen* Sales.
Source: IMS TAM July 2016

global dedication

Peroxfarma is today a rapidly expanding pharmaceutical laboratory, which grows and crosses borders to export its brands and innovative solutions to people in every corner of the planet. Doing business is our present and future.
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