Nutritional supplements to gain more quality of life.

Epaplus is born with the mission of bringing "an extra dose of health to people." 
It is a range of food supplements that covers possible dietary deficiencies 
that have negative impacts on people's quality of life. 

Epaplus Arthicare, 
No. 1 in Collagen

Source: IMS TAM July 2016
Epaplus Arthicare leads the food supplement market for joint care. The range of Epaplus Arthicare products offers a unique combination of ingredients (collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and magnesium) that provides multiple benefits to joints and bones. Epaplus Arthicare products are available in different formats (powder, liquid, single-dose sachets) to make product intake easier, as well as in three flavours (lemon, raspberry, and vanilla).

Epaplus offers specific formulas for each person's different needs:

  1. Epaplus Arthicare: for maintaining bones and muscles.
  2. Epaplus Sleepcare: facilitates settling into sleep. 
  3. Epaplus Vitalcare: for maintaining vitality. 
  4. Epaplus Cardiocare: for maintaining good cardiovascular health.
  5. Epaplus Vigorcare: for enhancing libido. 
  6. Epaplus Skincare: for keeping skin healthy.

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