Technology at the service of health and quality of life.

Omron develops electronic devices with cutting-edge technology for preventing and controlling highly prevalent pathologies, such as hypertension and respiratory diseases.

Maximum reliability and precision

Omron products guarantee quality, easy to take, precise, and reliable self-monitoring that enable healthcare professionals to monitor the user's clinical data and make decisions based on this information.
  • CLINICALLY VALIDATED monitors by recognised international protocols. 
  • Validation studies published in leading medical journals specialised in Hypertension. 
  • The brand professionals (doctors, nurses, and pharmacists) use and recommend most for Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure (SMBP). 

World leader in blood pressure monitors

Omron leads the market in sales of blood pressure monitors in Spain. It is also the world leader, with over 4 million devices sold since the brand was launched in Spain.

Customer care and Official technical service

The Customer care and Technical assistance service provided by Peroxfarma is certified by Omron. Through our Customer care service, users can: get answers to questions about Omron products, obtain information about the product that best suits their needs, get advice about how a product works to make the most of its features, etc. Our Official technical service has highly qualified staff to solve any issue involving spare parts, parts, breakdowns, and servicing without having to send the product outside of Spain. 

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