We take care of you

Brands focused on you

Through its Epaplus, Mussvital, Omron, Foret, and Clabi brands, Peroxfarma makes quality solutions that contribute to your health and quality of life within reach.
Six brands are grouped into three categories: dermocosmetics (Mussvital), medical devices (Omron, Foret, and Clabi), and nutritional supplements (Epaplus).
From each of these areas, Peroxfarma takes care of you day by day.

Food supplements & Lifestyle

Nutritional supplements that contribute to improving people's quality of life. They help you to live more intensively.

Skin & Beauty

Specific formulas with pharmaceutical quality for the comprehensive care of sensitive, dry, and atopic skin. Solutions that meet the needs of the whole family.

Cardiovascular Healthcare & Technology

Electronic devices with cutting-edge technology for preventing and controlling highly prevalent pathologies, such as hypertension and respiratory diseases.
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